Reflecting Back & Flying Forward

Two Years of Carbon Neutral Flights with Exito Planet Care

With travel booming again, it’s easy to forget about the mind shifts and mindful intentions that
came alongside the soul searching many of us went through as we struggled to emerge from
the COVID crisis.

That’s why it’s important to reflect on and celebrate the clarity of purpose that was born of crisis.
For Exito, this marks two years of our industry-leading Planet Care Pledge, a commitment to
shoulder the cost and responsibility to fly all our direct travelers* carbon neutral.** To the best of
our knowledge, Exito’s Planet Care Pledge remains unmatched by any other flight specialist.***

Our commitment remains steadfast, as we believe both these things to be true:

● Travel is essential and transformative – to educate, inspire, conserve and connect
● Travel, including flights, emits heat-trapping CO2 that contributes to climate change

As part of this Planet Care Pledge, we promised to communicate our progress, even as we
strive to do more. So what are the results so far? In 2022 Exito offset 1,397 metric tons of CO2
— equivalent to planting 50,000+ trees. And in 2023 we’re on track to offset significantly more.

And what about flying forward? We’ve invited over a dozen of our cherished tour operator
partners to join our Planet Care commitment to fly their travelers carbon neutral with Exito, too,
and by doing so, amplify our collective impact. We’ll continue to expand these collaborations.

If you’re a tour operator looking to offset your travelers’ CO2 emissions, please get in touch to
see how you can join Exito as a Planet Care Ambassador.

If you’re a traveler, click here to learn more about the carbon reduction projects of Sustainable
Travel International, which our offsetting funds directly support.

If you’re a journalist looking to learn more about Exito Planet Care program, please get in touch!

* Exito’s direct travelers book their flights directly with us, without having first been referred by
one of our tour operator partners. In 2022, Exito had over 1,000 direct travelers.
** Exito offsets 100% of our direct travelers’ flight CO2 emissions by investing in the 3rd party
verified forestry, energy and blue carbon projects of Sustainable Travel International. For more
details on STI’s carbon reduction project portfolio, click here.
*** An air specialist’s revenues are generated principally or solely from the sale of flights.


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