Exito provides a turnkey air solution for companies that design or operate trips, alongside organizations that serve as ambassadors for responsible tourism. In addition to our unmatched flight expertise, partners value our ability to act as a virtual extension of their own team, keeping everyone apprised of confirmations, changes or cancellations, and advocating on their behalf with the airlines.

Our knowledge and experience, as well as our ability to work behind the scenes to resolve unexpected problems, have become valuable resources we share with our Partners, and we are committed to adding value to the well-crafted journeys and experiences designed by the professionals we work with every day.

The partnership

Our partners excel in designing tailor-made in-country experiences for their guests, and we complement those strengths with our team’s deep knowledge of the flight industry. And just as our partners take pride in providing top-notch personalized service, we hold ourselves to the same high service standards when it comes to booking their guests’ flights. As airfare specialists for over 20 years, Exito has the expertise, experience and airline relationships to successfully navigate the countless elements that must align before the wheels go up at the start of each journey. We are a key account to over 50 major airlines, which provides us access to contracts and fares that are broader and deeper that what is typically available to the public.  


Partner’s Testimonial

  “Exito Travel has been a positive revelation for us here at Ideal South America.  Having recently lost our long-time flights partner, a new key supplier relationship was always going to be a potential cause for concern.  But they have really stepped up for us – haven’t missed a beat.  We especially like their responsiveness, competitive pricing and consistent coverage – someone always available to back-up the quotes.  As a smaller, more boutique travel agency, we place an even higher value on flights partners that can take care of everything on that front, while we focus our efforts on the big picture trip.  Keep it coming Exito!”  

–Donovan H.
Ideal South America

How it works

There are multiple ways we can work together, depending on your preference. You can choose to have our air whisperers work directly with your travelers and keep your team informed, or with your team members directly planning the details of your guest’s trip, or a combination of the two.

Exito’s highly-trained specialists understand what makes each airline different and why it matters when comparing the value and cost of a flight. They are agile problem solvers, able to advise, manage and make adjustments to flight plans due to schedule changes, cancellations or delays.

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