Exito has a team of seasoned ‘air whisperers’ at your disposal, all ready to get to work on your behalf. As airfare specialists for 25 years, we possess unmatched expertise and experience. Have a complicated itinerary? Throw it at us! Looking to build an around the world trip? No problem! Need internal flights in a foreign country or multi-country flights within a region of the world? Bring it on!

The best part is, we are there for you before, during, and after your trip. We’ll find and book the optimal flights, keep you informed about schedule changes, delays or cancellations, and in the case of a legitimate dispute, we’re happy to go to bat on your behalf with the airlines. As a key account for over 50 major airlines, Exito’s voice often carries a weight that an individual traveler would find hard to match.

Booking with Exito is also a conscientious choice for travelers looking to travel responsibly. We partner with and fund NGO projects focused on empowering people and conserving our planet. Partnerships have included:

Torres del Paine Legacy Fund

Working with Sustainable Travel International, Exito led a collective of tour operator partners in raising $18,000 to jump-start a reforestation project in Torres del Paine, one of the most breathtaking trekking destinations on earth. The seed funds Exito and our partners raised made it possible to build a native Lenga tree nursery which became the primary incubator for saplings used to restore, reforest and protect Torres del Paine’s fragile ecosystems in the wake of devastating man-made fires that ravaged over 45,000 hectares of native lenga tree forests.

Trees, Water & People

We have been longtime supporters and fans of our Ft. Collins neighbors, Trees, Water & People. For over twenty years, they have been a leader in not only reforestation, but also in the design and distribution of clean cookstoves and other clean energy products which greatly reduce the use of natural resources for energy creation.

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Planet Care Pledge

Planet Care Seal
Exito believes travel is essential and transformative. It is also true that travel emits heat-trapping CO2 that contributes to climate change. With this understanding and our desire to be an ally to the planet, Exito makes this pledge:

• To make all our direct travelers’ flights carbon neutral by investing in 3rd party certified carbon reduction projects via Sustainable Travel International
• To educate ourselves & our travelers on more ways to reduce the impact of travel
• To communicate our strides forward while always striving to achieve more
Read Our Complete Planet Care Pledge Here