Our Story

Who We Are

At our core, we are enthusiastic explorers ourselves who want to bring about positive change in our industry to benefit fellow advisors like us, businesses that share our values, and to above all encourage travelers to respect the places and people they encounter along the way.  We thrive on being a one stop shop for airfare and to providing our clients with a progressive and straightforward experience in booking flights, no matter where they fit in the process.

Our Mission

Exito believes travel is essential and transformative. We understand that flights are the first step to a journey of discovery, and should be inspired by and tailored to each traveler. Through innovation, integrity, and unmatched expertise, we aim to honor the passion of our people, the stories of our partners and the remarkable beauty of our planet.


We know that there is no one definition of sustainability. At Exito, it means upholding the travel experience in a way that the respects the cultures, environments and economies of the places where we send our travelers. We want to create opportunities for conversations and collaborations with the people and companies who can responsibly reduce the impact of flight travel on climate change and who will take steps toward the conservation of the fragile ecosystems that need our help.

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