Airlines continually change and modify their policies for groups, and the requirements for communicating, receiving and revising information, as well as managing payments is a complex undertaking.

We persistently work toward developing our relationships with airline professionals so that we can be efficient and informed on behalf of our clients. We understand that the more we learn about the unique requirements of each group, the more we are able to successfully direct and manage the booking process for our clients.

Our group experts are highly trained and organized, and their vast experience in handling the intricacies of group airfare is unparalleled in the industry. Our clients know they can trust us to help them to avoid potential problems and that we will advocate for their needs at all times.

Before You Book

Here are some things to keep in mind when booking a group:
  • You can lock in an itinerary and price with only a deposit/seat.
  • The final payment and traveler details aren’t required until 45 days prior to departure.
  • Everyone in your group is guaranteed to pay the same price.
  • Unlike individual tickets, group tickets allow for name changes. If you have a traveler drop from the group but have a replacement, we can exchange the ticket for a fee.
  • When pre-travel schedule changes happen, blocking group space ensures everyone is changed to the same new flight.
policies vary based on specific carrier rules.


Q: How many seats do I need for a group booking?
A: 10 seats make up a group, if the group falls below 10 seats deposits are forfeited.

Q: When should I book my group?
A: The sooner the better, airlines release schedules around 330 days prior to departure. Its best to request the highest number of seats you will potentially need and drop an unnecessary space at the time of utilization (100 days prior to departure).

Q: Will I be able to cancel this group and get my deposit back?
A: Most airlines offer a utilization date around 100 days prior to departure. At this time you can drop the whole group or reduce your group size without penalty. Any dropped seats after this date will incur the airline fee and will be deducted from the deposit.

Q: Can we select seats?
A: Airlines block seats for group space so everyone can sit together. Specific seat requests are generally not available on group space.

Q: Why is the group price higher than what I’m seeing online?
A: While many considerations go into airline’s pricing itineraries the biggest factor is availability. The more seats available the lower the price; as seats start to sell the prices increase. Group fares average out the lowest ticket price and the highest price the seats would sell for, making the fare the same for everyone.

Q: The group leader would like to stay in country longer, can they still take the group flight?
A: Yes, airlines will generally allow for 10% of deviators on the return. If a traveler would like to stay longer you can book the different return date at the same time as booking the group.

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