Are you the kind of person who sees their time as valuable, who wants to have a stress-free vacation and not sweat the planning? Exito is here to help! As the  premier flight agency for global travelers, we are here to bring the personal touch back to airfare, to hand-select the best airlines, routes, and seat assignments for your next adventure.

Exito is 100% focused on air and is the leading flight consolidator for the adventure travel industry. For over 20 years, we have specialized in bringing a personal and seamless experience to booking international flights.

Exito has secured dozens of exclusive industry contracts and
special traveler programs, giving you access to fares not available online.

Our agents hand-select each flight for your itinerary according to your specific needs and preferences. We work in close partnership with your travel agent to configure flight schedules that match seamlessly with your ground program.

Our staff averages more than 15 years of travel-related experience and can spot the connection, routing, and departure issues that are not apparent online. We’re here to address the pitfalls before they become problems.

We understand how difficult it can be to talk to a real human being if you have an issue. Exito knows the airlines and the key players who work for them. Need to change your flights, deal with a schedule change, or get some other type of assistance? Avoid the phone prompt and let us make the call for you!

Do you have a special request, a preferred airline we can look into, or some specific flight-related need? Our team of ‘Flight Whisperers’ is here to listen and design a flight itinerary tailored especially for you.

 There is a saying that you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. We agree, and couldn’t be prouder of our partnership with over 80 travel industry leaders including 36 members of ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Assoc.) including:

In the end, we know how you feel. We’ve been overwhelmed by the long list of flight choices, the short connection times, the lost luggage. Exito was formed with these issues in  mind, a by travelers for travelers approach that brings a human touch back to the flight   industry. Let us be your air desk and help you get from point A to point B in the savviest way possible.
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