Job Application Form

Customer Support Team Lead

Agency Experience
Please tell us about your experience working in a travel agency. Have you worked directly with customers? Did you interact with them via phone, email, or chat? Have you created new air itineraries for clients, comparing and presenting different options? What methods of followup did you use, to close the sale?
Airfare Experience
Please tell us about your experience working with airfare. What GDS have you used? Can you build a PNR? Can you price both published and unpublished fares? Have you done ticketing?
Exchange Experience
Please tell about your experience doing exchanges. Can you price a partial exchange without using technical tools such as Ticket Changer?

Managerial Experience

This position would involve being the team leader for a small group of agents providing emergency customer support to our travelers. In this section, we'd like to learn a bit more about your experience as a team leader.

Tell us about teams you have led in the past. What types of teams have you led? How would you describe your leadership style?
Tell us about an achievement that a team you led made. What are you most proud of?
Tell us about a time your team failed to meet a goal or provide a service. What did you learn from the experience?
Tell us about a time when you had to made an important decision or judgement call without support from upper management. How did you make your decision?

Thank you!


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