Tech Team

Luis Alvarado

Director of Technology

Luis Alvarado, as the Director of Technology, has been instrumental in shaping the technological landscape of his organization since 2015. His journey into the realm of exploration and connectivity is driven by an insatiable curiosity about what lies beyond the horizon. Luis’s travel philosophy centers on the profound connections formed through encounters with people and their stories, which in turn, foster a deeper understanding of himself and the shared world.

Originally from Costa Rica, Luis is proficient in both English and Spanish, enhancing his ability to engage with diverse cultures and environments. His travel destinations are as varied as his interests, from the ancient allure of the Ellora Caves in India to the wild expanses of the Chilean Patagonia, reflecting a passion for places that offer a blend of history, nature, and adventure.

Currently, Luis is eagerly anticipating a Eurotrip, a testament to his love for adventure and exploration. His approach to travel—being ready for adventure—mirrors his dynamic approach to life and work.

At home, Luis is just as vibrant and multifaceted, with hobbies that include playing music, painting, and spending quality time with his son, Sebastian. His family of pets, including a dog named Argus and a cat named Amon, adds to the warmth of his personal life. Luis Alvarado embodies the spirit of exploration, not just in the geographic sense but also in the pursuit of technological innovation and personal growth.

David Matamoros

Software Developer

David Ernest Matamoros Pinto is an accomplished Software Developer and a dedicated member of the Tech Team, where he has contributed his expertise for approximately three and a half years. Hailing from Honduras, David brings a rich cultural background and a bilingual proficiency in Spanish and English to his role, enhancing the diversity and communication within his team.

David’s professional pursuits are driven by a passion for learning from other cultures and exploring the world from unique perspectives. This thirst for knowledge and exploration extends into his personal life, where he had hoped to visit Barcelona this year. Although his plans were postponed, his optimistic “maybe next year ;)” attitude reflects his determination and hopeful outlook on future adventures. David is already planning his next trips, with Honduras and Chile on his itinerary, showcasing his continuous desire to connect with his roots and discover new destinations.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, David has a variety of interests that reflect his dynamic personality. Coding, more than just a job, is also a hobby for him, allowing him to explore the depths of his creativity and problem-solving skills even outside of work. Additionally, David is an avid skateboarder, finding joy and freedom in skateboarding during his free time. This hobby offers him a physical outlet and a way to challenge himself in new and exciting ways.

At home, David finds companionship and joy in the company of his two beautiful cats, illustrating his love for animals and the comfort they bring to his life. His personal and professional life blend seamlessly, embodying a lifestyle that values continuous learning, exploration, and the simple pleasures of home and hobbies.

David Ernest Matamoros Pinto exemplifies the modern tech professional who not only excels in his career but also embraces a well-rounded approach to life, finding balance in his passions, travels, and the warmth of his home life.

David Derrick

Tech Team

David Derrick, a QA for the Tech Team at Exito, started his journey with the company as an International Airfare Specialist since 2022. His passion for travel was ignited by his first overseas trip to Europe and Morocco at the tender age of eight. By his 18th birthday, David had already embarked on solo travels to Japan and revisited Europe, showcasing his early independence and adventurous spirit. He majored in Geography in college, but it was a six-month around-the-world trip after graduation that solidified international travel as an essential aspect of his life.

David hails from San Diego, California, and is proficient in English, with traveler’s knowledge of Spanish and French. He believes in the power of not over-planning trips and encourages embracing problems or the fear of missing out as part of the travel experience. His advice is to take it easy and immerse oneself in the local culture as much as possible.

Besides his love for travel, David is also passionate about gardening. He is a family man, sharing his life with two teenagers and a cat, demonstrating his nurturing side and commitment to family. David Derrick’s biography reflects a life rich in adventure, cultural exploration, and a deep appreciation for the world’s diversity.

Carlos Sanchez

Tech Support Specialist

Carlos Sanchez is a vital member of the IT team at Exito, having embarked on his journey with the organization since 2023. With a background rooted in the vibrant culture of Honduras, Carlos brings a unique perspective to his role, fueled by his passion for learning about other cultures. Fluent in both Spanish and English, he skillfully bridges communication gaps and fosters a collaborative working environment.

Outside of work and his global explorations, Carlos has a diverse array of hobbies that reflect his dynamic personality. He is an avid biker, enjoying the freedom and exhilaration that come with cycling through different landscapes. Rock concerts are another passion, allowing him to immerse himself in the energy and creativity of live music. Cinema, too, plays a significant role in his life, providing a window into other worlds and narratives, further enriching his understanding of different cultures and human experiences.

Fabian Cordoba

Software Developer

Fabian Cordoba is a dedicated Software Developer in the IT department at Exito Travel since August 2023 . Hailing from Costa Rica, Fabian is fluent in both Spanish and English, enabling him to engage seamlessly in the company’s diverse tech environment. His passion for technology is matched by his enthusiasm for exploring different cultures and sites, making him a valued member of the Exito team.

In his personal life, Fabian enjoys an active lifestyle. He is keen on playing sports, which not only keeps him fit but also fuels his competitive spirit. Music and concerts are another avenue of enjoyment for him, reflecting his appreciation for arts and culture. Fabian’s interest in technology extends beyond his professional life, as he is always eager to stay updated with the latest advancements and integrate them into his work and daily life. He currently has plans to visit Barcelona, looking forward to experiencing its vibrant culture and historic architecture.

Overall, Fabian embodies a blend of technological savvy and cultural curiosity, making significant contributions to his team at Exito Travel while continually seeking personal growth and new experiences.

Fernando Lagos

Software Developer


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