Jean Carlo Nuñez

Jean Carlo Nunez Bolanos has been a part of the company in since 2018. Hailing from Costa Rica and fluent in Spanish and English, his passion for exploring new destinations and cultures has driven him to places like Barcelona and Prague. Jean Carlo is looking forward to trips to Orlando and Miami. He values planning and preparation for travel, enjoys outdoor activities, and has a pet dog.

Carolina Salas


Director of Operations and Post Sales Support, Carolina, has been working at Exito Travel since 2022.  is currently looking forward to planning some trips this year, with a philosophy of enjoying every place she visits. She emphasizes the importance of making an itinerary and choosing the right travel companions to enhance the experience. In her personal time, Carolina enjoys watching movies, spending quality time with her family, and focusing on her physical and mental well-being through exercise. She also has a pet named Scotty, adding a loving touch to her home life. Carolina’s story is a testament to how a lifelong exposure to the travel industry can foster a deep-seated love for exploration and adventure.

Marcela Vargas


Marcela Vargas Salazar enriches the Exito Travel team as a Post-Sales Support Agent, a role she has passionately filled since 2018. Born with a natural inclination for travel, Marcela’s lifelong fascination with diverse cultures and people has been the cornerstone of her career. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Costa Rica, she is proficient in both English and Spanish, allowing her to seamlessly interact with a broad spectrum of clients and colleagues.

Marcela’s favorite destinations include the vibrant streets of Spain and the sunny beaches of Miami, with plans to revisit the historical and scenic beauty of Greece next year. She believes in meticulous planning for every journey but also emphasizes the importance of adaptability, recognizing that unexpected changes often lead to the most memorable travel experiences. Marcela advises travelers to plan every detail but to remain open to surprises, which she views as hidden opportunities for adventure and discovery.

Outside of her professional life, Marcela is deeply devoted to her family, cherishing time spent together, whether at concerts, exploring new cultures, or simply enjoying each other’s company at home. Her love for music transcends genres, reflecting her open-minded approach to life. Marcela is also a proud pet parent to two dogs, Izzy and Linda, who, she affectionately notes, rule her home.

Marcela Vargas Salazar’s biography portrays a dedicated professional whose work in post-sales support is driven by a genuine love for travel and a commitment to ensuring every client’s experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Her personal interests and professional advice mirror her approach to life: a blend of careful planning and openness to the beauty of unplanned experiences.

Monica Calvo


Monica Calvo Brenes is a dedicated Ops and Post-Sales Support Agent at Exito Travel, where she has been contributing her expertise since 2021. Born and raised in Costa Rica, Monica is fluent in both Spanish and English, allowing her to effectively manage a diverse client base while ensuring exceptional post-sales service.

Monica’s passion for travel extends beyond her professional life. She is deeply captivated by the landscapes, culture, and gastronomy of new places, and she relishes the opportunity to meet local people and experience their way of life. Her love for travel was particularly influenced by a memorable visit to Sweden over 20 years ago, which left a lasting impression due to its stunning scenery and welcoming culture.

This year is filled with exciting travel plans for Monica, as she looks forward to exploring Cancun with her husband and children. Additionally, she has trips planned to Medellín, Colombia, and Panama with her mother and brother. Monica believes in enjoying every small detail of the travel experience, from the planning stages to the journey itself, as she feels these moments enrich the soul and make the journey truly memorable.

In her personal time, Monica enjoys spending quality moments with her family, engaging in various activities that strengthen their bond. Her greatest joy comes from these family interactions, which she cherishes deeply. Monica also has an affinity for animals, having welcomed both dogs and birds into her home over the years. Her hobbies and interests reflect a commitment to a full and vibrant life, echoing the same passion she brings to her role at Exito Travel.

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