Group Reservations

Tiffanie Smith

Group Reservations

iffanie Smith has been a pivotal part of Exito Travel’s Group Department since 2022, showcasing her leadership and expertise in creating memorable group travel experiences. Her journey into the travel industry is inspired by her mother, who worked for Republic Airlines, ingraining a deep-seated passion for aviation and exploration from an early age. Based in Minnesota and proficient in English, Tiffanie embodies the spirit of adventure, always eager to discover new destinations without returning to the same place twice.

Recently, Tiffanie returned from an exhilarating trip to Germany and a music festival in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is gearing up for her next adventure to Huntsville, Alabama. Her travel mantra, “Buy the ticket and GO!” reflects her spontaneous and adventurous approach to exploring the world. A fervent fan of Billy Strings, she travels extensively to attend his concerts, showcasing her love for music and travel.

Tiffanie’s best travel advice is to “welcome the unexpected while also preparing in advance,” a philosophy that balances the thrill of discovery with the practicality of preparedness. This approach has enabled her to embrace the full spectrum of travel experiences, from meticulously planned itineraries to spontaneous adventures.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Tiffanie’s main interest and hobby is, unsurprisingly, traveling. She rarely passes up a chance to embark on a journey, whether it’s a day trip within Minnesota or to Wisconsin, reflecting her insatiable wanderlust. At home, she finds companionship in her one-eyed Yorkie named West, adding a personal touch to her adventurous life.

Tiffanie Smith’s role at Exito Travel, coupled with her personal enthusiasm for exploration, underscores her commitment to enriching the travel experiences of her clients. Her background, combined with her passion for music and commitment to never visiting the same place twice, make her an inspiring figure in the travel community.

Olivera Maria Petrovska

Group Reservations

Olivera Petkovska brings her rich cultural heritage and a lifetime of travel enthusiasm to her role as a Groups Airfare Specialist at Exito Travel since 2021. Inspired at the tender age of five by her aunt, who worked for an airline and donned a uniform that left a lasting impression, Olivera embarked on a journey that would see her blend passion with profession. Hailing from Macedonia, Europe, she is fluent in English, Macedonian, and Serbian/Croatian, a skill set that enhances her ability to connect with clients and colleagues alike.

Olivera’s travel list is as ambitious as it is inspiring, with Portugal already checked off and plans to explore Ireland, Alaska, and Croatia next year. Her approach to travel is thoughtful and immersive, advising travelers to familiarize themselves with local customs, indulge in local cuisine, explore hidden gems, and take advantage of travel facilitation programs like TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, or Clear to ease the often cumbersome aspects of airport navigation.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Olivera’s hobbies are a testament to her diverse interests and creative spirit. From sailing the open seas to gardening, refinishing old furniture, and crocheting, she finds joy and fulfillment in a variety of pursuits. Although she currently does not have pets, the memory of Skippy, her beloved 16-year-old Maltese, remains dear to her heart. Olivera looks forward to the day when she is ready to welcome a rescued Portuguese Water Dog into her home, continuing her journey of companionship and adventure.

Olivera Petkovska’s biography paints the picture of a dedicated professional whose life is interwoven with a love for travel, culture, and the arts. Her work as a Groups Airfare Specialist is more than a job; it’s a reflection of her life’s passion and her commitment to exploring the world’s vast landscapes and stories.

Reece James

Group Reservations

Reece James, a dedicated Groups Coordinator at Exito Travel since 2023, is inspired by the beauty of natural wonders, particularly the Virgin Islands. Fluent in English, Reece has a universal fascination with islands around the world, showcasing his appreciation for pristine natural environments and the serene beauty they offer. He is currently in the process of planning new adventures, embodying the spirit of exploration and openness to new experiences.

Reece advocates for keeping an open mind and trying new things, which is reflective of his approach to travel and exploration. This philosophy encourages both personal growth and deeper connections with the diverse cultures and landscapes encountered during his journeys. Outside of work, Reece has a deep love for dogs, especially fluffy ones, highlighting his affectionate and caring nature.

At Exito Travel, Reece’s role as a Groups Coordinator allows him to blend his love for nature’s splendor with his professional skills, facilitating memorable travel experiences for groups seeking adventure in the world’s most beautiful and natural settings. His enthusiasm for exploration and commitment to creating unforgettable journeys make him an invaluable asset to the Exito Travel team and the clients he serves.

Veronica Sanchez

Group Reservations

Veronica Sanchez is a dedicated Groups Airfare Specialist in the Groups Department at Exito Travel since 2022, where her passion for travel and learning from different cultures shines through in her work. Originating from Peru, Veronica’s multilingual abilities in Spanish, French, and English enable her to connect with a diverse clientele, enriching the travel experiences of groups with her deep understanding and appreciation of global cultures.

Veronica’s love for travel is not just about the destinations but the profound connections and insights gained from immersing herself in the local cultures, history, and people. Paris holds a special place in her heart as her ultimate favorite destination, embodying the essence of romance, art, and history that she cherishes. However, her adventurous spirit is always looking forward, with Japan marked on her calendar for May 2024. This trip represents not just another journey but an opportunity to delve deeper into the rich tapestry of Japan’s history and its people.

Veronica believes in the importance of discovering a country by getting to know its people and its history, a philosophy that guides her both personally and professionally. Her hobbies outside of work include solving online puzzles and reading, activities that allow her to relax and continue learning. At home, Veronica finds joy in the company of her Holland Lop bunny named Coco, adding a touch of sweetness to her daily life.

At Exito Travel, Veronica’s role as a Groups Airfare Specialist is integral to providing customized travel solutions that cater to the unique needs of group travelers, ensuring memorable and enriching experiences. Her passion for travel, combined with her expertise and personal interests, make her an invaluable asset to the team and the clients she serves.

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