Consolidator Team

Vividia Rivera

Consolidator Team
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Alan Rodas

Consolidator Team

Alan Rodas has been enriching the Exito Travel team as an Agency Support Specialist in the Wholesale department since 2022. Originally from Lima, Peru, Alan brings a wealth of cultural knowledge to his role, fluently speaking both Spanish and English. His deep-seated passion for travel was ignited by a fascination with Thailand and Barcelona, destinations he dreams of exploring to soak in their rich cultures and breathtaking landscapes.

Alan’s travel philosophy is practical and grounded in his love for the journey: he advises choosing seats close to the wings for a smoother flight experience. This blend of practicality and passion for travel reflects in his personal life as well, where he enjoys watching soccer games, immersing himself in movies, and spending time with his beloved dogs. Alan embodies the spirit of adventure that Exito Travel champions, always looking forward to the next adventure and the new experiences it will bring.


Fernando Jimenez

Consolidator Team

Fernando Jimenez is a dedicated wholesales agent at Exito Travel since 2022, who has a profound love for everything related to aviation. Residing in Costa Rica, Fernando is fluent in both English and Spanish, which allows him to effectively communicate with a diverse clientele. He believes that every place visited offers a unique taste of wonder, enriching one’s life with unforgettable experiences. Although he currently does not have any trips planned, Fernando encourages everyone to enjoy the moment and not to dwell on the things they might have forgotten to bring along. His personal interests include soccer, flying, and playing the trumpet, showcasing a well-rounded individual with a passion for both adventure and the arts. Fernando’s approach to travel and life reflects a positive and open-minded attitude, making him a valuable member of the Exito Travel team.

Kristina Ketelsen

Consolidator Team

Kristina Ketelsen is part of the Exito Travel team since 2021, contributing her expertise as a Wholesale Support professional. Her journey into the travel industry was sparked by her academic background in Spanish, which ignited her passion for exploring new cultures and destinations. Originally from Iowa, Kristina is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish, which undoubtedly enhances her ability to connect with a diverse range of cultures and locations.

Her favorite travel destinations include Colombia and Italy, with Spain also holding a special place in her heart. She’s currently looking forward to her next adventure in Argentina, reflecting her continuous desire to explore and immerse herself in different cultures. Kristina advocates for a travel philosophy that emphasizes quality over quantity; she recommends traveling to fewer places but spending more time in each, encouraging travelers not to overextend themselves and instead deeply experience each destination.

Beyond her professional life, Kristina has a rich array of personal interests. She is an avid birdwatcher, which perhaps complements her love for travel and exploration, allowing her to appreciate the natural beauty and biodiversity of her destinations. Additionally, her enjoyment of movies and live music indicates a deep appreciation for the arts, further highlighting the multifaceted aspects of her personality.

Kristina Ketelsen’s biography reflects a blend of professional dedication to the travel industry and a personal passion for exploration, language, and culture. Her advice to travel less but more deeply is a testament to her approach to both life and work, prioritizing meaningful experiences over superficial encounters.

Mishel Martinez

Consolidator Team

Mishel Martinez is an Agency Support Specialist at Exito Travel since 2022, whose philosophy is to “Live the life.” Originally from Guatemala, Mishel has lived in Costa Rica for 11 years. Fluent in English and Spanish, she believes in finding beauty everywhere. While she doesn’t have a single favorite destination, she finds unique allure in every place she visits. Mishel is planning a trip to Savannah, Georgia, and advises to enjoy every second and capture the moments in your memory. At home, Mishel shares her life with two dogs, emphasizing her love for pets alongside her passion for travel and making the most out of every moment.

Julia Castro

Consolidator Team

Julia Rosa is a Agency Support Specialist at Exito Travel since September 2014. Born in Peru, Julia is fluent in Spanish and brings a warm, personal touch to her role, greatly enhancing her interactions with clients and colleagues alike.

Julia’s passion for travel was inspired by the opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures, an opportunity provided by Exito Travel. This lifelong interest has driven her to not only explore different destinations but also to assist others in connecting with their loved ones across the globe.

Outside of work, Julia’s hobbies include making headbands for girls and crocheting, activities that allow her to express her creativity and add a personal touch to her crafts. She is also a proud pet owner, with a dog named Cata who brings joy to her home. Julia is always looking forward to her next travel opportunity, with a particular desire to visit the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe soon.

Her advice for travelers is to take necessary precautions such as checking visa requirements, managing luggage weight, and ensuring passport validity. Julia’s dedication to her role at Exito Travel and her genuine interest in the well-being of her clients make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Rajesh Sharma

Consolidator Team

A Sales Support Specialist in the Wholesale Department at Exito Travel, having been with the company since 2018. His curiosity to see new places and learn about different cultures has driven his career in the travel industry. Originally from India, Rajesh speaks Hindi as his mother tongue, and he is also fluent in German and Punjabi.

His travel experiences are vast and include visits to Algeria and the Sahara Desert. As of December 2023, Rajesh was traveling in Portugal and Italy, embracing the joys of exploration and discovery. He advises travelers to ensure the validity of their passports, highlighting the importance of preparation for international travel.

Rajesh has a variety of interests outside of work, including reading, watching videos of potential holiday destinations, and spirituality. These activities reflect his deep appreciation for learning and personal growth, as well as his contemplative approach to life. His travels and personal interests combine to make him a well-rounded individual with a rich understanding of the world.

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