Business Development

Camila Duarte

Project Manager for Partner Support
As the Project Manager in the Business Development Team at Exito Travel Company, Camila
Duarte has been a vital part of the organization for six years. Her journey into the travel
industry was sparked by her desire to discover unique places and immerse herself in new
experiences. This passion has been a driving force in her career, allowing her to excel in her
role and contribute significantly to the company’s growth and development.

Camila hails from the vibrant city of Santiago, Chile. In 2017, she embraced a new adventure
by moving to Costa Rica, a decision that further enriched her cultural experiences and
professional insights. She is fluent in both Chilean and Tico Spanish, as well as English,
showcasing her ability to connect across cultures.

Her favorite trips highlight her adventurous spirit and love for diverse destinations, with
Barcelona, Spain, and Prague, Czech Republic ranking high on her list. Her next travel plan is
to visit Lima and Buenos Aires in November, a testament to her never-ending quest to explore
new horizons.

Camila advises fellow travelers to respect and open their minds to the cultures of the countries
they visit. She believes that travel is not just about seeing new places but about embracing
and understanding different ways of life.

Outside of her professional life, Camila enjoys handcrafting and has recently taken up
rollerskating. Her personal hobbies reflect her creative and energetic nature, perfectly
complementing her dynamic role at Exito Travel.

Camila Duarte embodies the spirit of a modern traveler and a dedicated professional,
bringing together a blend of cultural appreciation, linguistic versatility, and a keen sense of
adventure both in her work and personal pursuits.


Lucas Studer

Senior Director Business Development
Lucas Studer is currently serving as the Senior Director on Exito’s Business Development Team. He joined Exito in 2008 as an International Flight Specialist, and has worked in Group Sales and Account Management, in addition to lending a hand or an idea wherever needed. He feels very fortunate to have seen and contributed to Exito’s successes over the years.

The Business Development Team’s primary areas of focus are partner acquisition and retention, strategic partnerships, relationship management, and identifying viable growth opportunities. In his current role as Senior Director of Business Development, Lucas and the team regularly present Exito’s services to new prospects, in addition to meeting with existing partners to explore new opportunities. They are Exito’s “road warriors” as they greatly value in-person time with all partners that are currently spread across four continents.

Travel has been one of the most influential aspects of his life. His experiences abroad began in earnest with half a year in Guanajuato, Mexico, followed not long after by a year in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His education at Arizona State University was mainly in the Spanish and Portuguese languages, and he has since visited most Latin American countries in addition to numerous visits to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

As a Wyoming native, Lucas grew up skiing and snowboarding since the age of 4. He has called Phoenix, AZ home for two decades, so his chances to hit the slopes, although few and far between, are essential. He and his partner, Misty, embark on regular long-distance bicycle rides around Phoenix’s extensive canal system. He’s been perfecting old world sourdough baking for four years, and he’s always eager to share a loaf so don’t hesitate to ask.


Jim Kane

Director of Outreach

Jim Kane, an integral member of the Exito Travel Company, serves as an International Airfare Specialist in the Retail team. Having started his journey with Exito in April 2023, Jim brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table, contributing significantly to the retail operations of the company. He is also the founder of Exito’s Planet Care that aims for sustainable aviation travel.

His passion for travel was ignited in his early 20s during his backpacking adventures. It was his first trip to South America that profoundly changed his life and professional direction, leading him to a career in the travel industry. This transformative experience is a cornerstone of Jim’s approach to travel and work, reflecting his deep understanding of the transformative power of exploration.

Originally from Philadelphia, USA, Jim’s background adds a unique flair to his professional role. He is fluent in both English and Spanish, a skill that not only enhances his professional capabilities but also enriches his interactions with diverse clients and colleagues. Having visited a variety of destinations, including Peru, Spain, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Denmark, Jim has developed a nuanced understanding of different cultures and places. His rich travel experiences enable him to provide insightful recommendations and services to Exito’s clients.

Jim’s favorite destinations are those that have shaped him the most and where he has formed the deepest relationships. He cherishes these places for their impact on his life and the memories he has created there. His next planned travel destination is yet to be determined, reflecting his openness to new experiences and destinations. Jim believes in keeping an open mind and heart when traveling, an ethos that he also applies to his professional life.

Aside from his professional pursuits, Jim is dedicated to his personal project, “The Food Principle,” a PBS docuseries. This endeavor showcases his multifaceted interests and his commitment to exploring and sharing diverse culinary traditions.

Jim Kane is a dynamic and passionate travel professional, whose personal travel experiences 
deeply inform his approach to his role at Exito Travel Company. His enthusiasm for exploring new cultures and places makes him a valuable asset to the team and an inspiration to those around him.

Jim Vance

Director of Partner Account in North America

JJim Vance serves as an Auditing/Ticketing Specialist at Exito Travel Company, a role he has passionately filled for since 2021. His tenure at Exito reflects his dedication and deep expertise in the nuances of travel industry operations, particularly in auditing and ticketing.

The catalyst for Jim’s entry into the travel world was his insatiable curiosity and desire to explore beyond his horizons. This drive has not only shaped his personal life but also significantly influenced his professional path. His role at Exito allows him to merge his love for travel with his skillset, ensuring that clients’ travel experiences are seamless and well-coordinated.

Originally from the United States, Jim’s background gives him a unique perspective on the varied travel needs and preferences of clients from different cultures and regions. His understanding of diverse travel dynamics is a key asset in his role at Exito.

His language skills include English and Albanian, allowing him to communicate effectively with a broad range of clients and colleagues. This linguistic ability enhances his professional capabilities and contributes to the inclusive and global nature of Exito’s services.

Jim’s favorite travel experiences are those that have allowed him to immerse himself in different cultures and environments. He values each journey for the unique insights and perspectives they provide, enriching his understanding of the world.

For his upcoming travels, Jim is looking forward to exploring more destinations, with a particular interest in places that offer a blend of cultural richness and natural beauty. His travel plans are always informed by a desire to discover and learn.

Jim’s best travel advice is to embrace every moment of the journey and to be open to the unexpected. He believes that the true essence of travel lies in the experiences and memories created along the way.

Outside of work, Jim is an avid skier and snowboarder. He also has a keen interest in technology, especially as it relates to travel and customer experience. His hobbies reflect a blend of adventure, curiosity, and a continuous pursuit of knowledge.

In summary, Jim Vance is not just a skilled travel professional but also an avid explorer at heart. His deep understanding of the travel industry, combined with his personal love for travel, makes him an invaluable member of the Exito Travel Company team.


Kaling Phung

Social Media Specialist


Kaling Phung is a dynamic Social Media Specialist at Exito Travel, where she brings her creative vision to the forefront of the Business Development Team. Since her start in June 2023, Kaling has been pivotal in propelling the brand’s digital presence, leveraging her innovative approach to social media strategy to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Her role within the company underscores her exceptional ability to navigate the intersection of creativity and strategic business development.

Hailing from the culturally rich Bay Area, specifically San Jose, CA, Kaling’s early life in this diverse environment laid the foundation for her broad perspective, which she has carried into her professional and academic pursuits. Her academic journey at the University of Idaho was marked by a dual commitment to excellence, as she balanced her rigorous studies in Architecture, earning a Bachelor of Science, with her athletic dedication, competing on the University’s Varsity Swimming and Diving Team. This period honed her discipline, leadership, and teamwork skills, traits that she seamlessly integrates into her career.

Currently, Kaling is furthering her education by pursuing a Master’s in Architecture Degree at the University of Oregon. Her dedication to her field is evident in her academic ambitions, as she seeks to deepen her understanding and mastery of architecture. This commitment is also manifested in her upcoming trip to Barcelona, Spain, where she plans to study Urban Design in Architecture. Kaling’s motivation for this journey—and her broader desire to travel—is fueled by a passion to discover and learn from the architectural wonders of the world. She views each travel opportunity as a chance to expand her knowledge and gather inspiration from global design innovations, enriching her educational and professional growth.

Outside her professional and academic life, Kaling maintains a vibrant array of hobbies, including swimming, yoga, running, and binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. These activities reflect her dedication to wellness, balance, and personal enjoyment, showcasing a well-rounded lifestyle that complements her professional ambitions. Kaling Phung’s path is one of relentless pursuit of knowledge, creativity, and personal growth. Her upcoming exploration of Barcelona’s urban design landscape represents the latest chapter in her ongoing journey to absorb global architectural practices and philosophies. Through her work, studies, and travels, Kaling embodies the essence of a lifelong learner, continually seeking to enhance her understanding of the world and its architectural marvels. Her story is a testament to the power of combining professional dedication with a passion for global exploration, marking her as a rising star in her field and an inspiration to many.

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